At Surgical Couriers NZ Ltd we aim to meet the logistics needs of the medical industry. We understand that your transport and logistics solutions may be different, and may change from day to day, as technology changes, as medical needs change and as our New Zealand population changes. By working in partnership with you, we can help you to continue to service your customers. Call us, so we can assist in developing logistics and transport solutions to suit the needs of your company

Surgical Couriers NZ Ltd is primed and ready to change the medical logistics industry by offering exceptional old fashioned service, competitive pricing and solutions to suit the needs of our customers. Surgical Couriers NZ Ltd aims to provide “Uncompromising Premier logistics Solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our Transport Management System

Surgical Couriers NZ Ltd have partnered with iCOS Live, a fully functional internet based transport management system that is also proudly New Zealand owned and operated. iCOS live enables us at Surgical Couriers to accept, pick up and deliver jobs all whilst on the go. iCOS live tracks and records every movement providing a level of assurance that we know where the items you trusted in our care to deliver on your behalf are at any given time. iCOS LIVE is hosted at a remote site that guarantees 99.99% availability, with hardware that never fails backed by support that never sleeps. 24/7 monitoring, firewalls, and the latest in security updates ensure that your business can rely on iCOS LIVE.